Sunday, November 09, 2008

Neutral Links Bars & Terminal blocks

Neutral Links Bars & Terminal blocks are used as an accessory in Panel Boards & Electrical Board in Industries like Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications. It is a considered as a backbone in Building Circuit Protections such as MCB, Switchgears, Circuit breaker, RCD etc. Panel Board (Distribution Board) comprising of copper bus bars, brass neutral links, and earth links to facilitate effective distribution of current. It incorporates safety devices such as MCBs, ELCBs and Isolators, which serves to protect the installation. Brass Neutral Link/Bar & Terminals are very crucial components in every application of its nature. It plays major role in Isolation of Electric equipment & clearing faulty downstream, by means of Switchgear and preventing short circuit & protecting electric circuit from damage caused by overload, in the form of Circuit breaker & so on. Because we understand this criticality, we are committed to deliver high class royal quality Brass Neutrals Links & Terminals as per International Standards & Specifications,

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